Key Features



Get access to wast number of AWS services using just natural language



In a hurry? Link your AWS account in minutes, not hours!



NO shared secrets! Connect with IAM role and permissions YOU control!



Just ask AWS to do (almost) anything in familiar language


Chat history

Keep history of cloud management and convert to Terraform template



Experiment on DEV account and create IaC for PROD


State manage

Execute, fix, rollback, manage config (Coming soon)


Multy Accounts

Connect multiple AWS accounts. GCP and Azure will be next!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'll try to ask all questions here but in case of any other query, feel free to contact me.

I do my best to ensure AiOps Chat is secure and user account abuse is impossible.

I use SSL encryption for data in-transit. Data at-rest is encrypted with AES-256.

AiOPS Chat uses IAM role based authentication – the role access is controlled by account owner (you). I strongly recommend to connect AiOPS chat to dev account, use chat-to-terraform feature to generate IaC template and then apply it to prod account.

I will keep an eye on other ways to make AiOps Chat more secure (e.g. Zero Trust)

AiOps Chat uses GPT-3 based ChatGPT to speak with AWS account.

I noticed that ChatGPT is particularly good at creating IaC templates using Terraform, Cloudformation. I also noticed that it is much easier to describe infrastructure requirements using natural language instead of remembering every aspect of API and there are thousands of them!

Basically, the sky is the limit.

You can create, update, delete AWS resources, analyze the state of your infrastructure, analyze bills and budgets.

I have created VPC, DynamoDB tables, S3 buckets, added items to DynamoDB tables and objects to S3 buckets, analyzed my APIs, asked for some particular details instead of searching for half an hour in documentation or console.

Currently it is free. I am planning to introduce a free tier and a paid tier soon with additional features (chat-to-terraform). I will keep you posted.